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dba OC Computers
188 E 17th St. #201
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627

(949) 642-1400

Great service at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to get a share of the online business.
Greg Murray. Irvine, CA
Morotech did my website. They did a wonderful job and I am very greatful for all the help they have given me so far. They are professionals and they have some great prices.
Kathy H. Concierge For You Ltd, Santa Monica, CA
Just a quick and reliable service. I bought a used laptop from them, at a good price and it worked great.I had questions after I bought it and they answered them without any problems.
Karima L. Orange, CA
My hard drive crashed I almost had a heart attach. I was worried sick for my extremely important business data. The tech asked a few questions. He then assured me that there is a big chance they can recover the data and thank God they did. The data was recovered and transfered to my new hard drive. After reloading my quickbooks and my calendar program where I have my appointments for the rest of the year ah! I was able to see everything just like it was before. I learned my lesson and I am now backing up my data to an external hard drive which I bought from them. Thank you Morotech.
Diane. Pamona, CA

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